Analyzing Your Spending with Elasticsearch and Kibana
How to export your finanial data from Mint into Elasticsearch
Reinventing Fermilab's Scientific Computing Grid Accounting with the Elastic Stack
Elastic{on} 2018 talk on distributed computing monitoring and accounting at Fermilab
GRACC: Next Generation of the OSG Accounting
Re-architecting grid accounting for the next decade and beyond.
Large-Scale Scientific Computing Monitoring with Grafana
GrafanaCon 2016 talk on system and service monitoring at Fermilab
HEP Cloud/GCE Monitoring with Grafana
Monitoring of batch jobs and VMs running on Google Cloud Platform via HEP Cloud
POS Web App
Custom web/mobile POS app and management backend
Game started for/inspired by Ludum Dare 30
CloudFlare DDNS Client
Dynamic DNS client written in Go
Cask 3D Geometry
Rendering of dry storage cask 3D model.
Cask 3D Dose
Rendering of dry storage cask surface dose rates.
Drywell Dose
Rendering of dose rates in BWR drywell.
BWR 3D Model
Rendering of BWR 3D model.
Core Map
Map of BWR reactor core showing relative pin powers on color scale.